(Zeroing in Underground Energy Technologies)


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At present cannot continue enhancing this website, but -as time allows- I will add more capabilities (such as sound, or even video clips from those lectures).  If you have any suggestions or comments, or any other kind of input -please- do not hesitate in writing to me.

Owned this domain for about a decade, which was registered for the purpose of presenting to the general public these novel ideas on how to increase the production of geothermal energy with -dramatic- technologies, and in doing so hopefully avoiding future environmental catastrophes (contamination of the air we breath, global warming and sea-level rise) all three maladies come directly as a consequence of burning fossil fuels.

I have been apprehensive to publish this information.  There has been plagiarism of my work in the past, and -therefore- without giving any dignified credit to a lifelong dedication to this research.  For more details about the plagiarism saga -please- visit www.OilDepletion.com .

Thanks to the efforts of one of my sons, I have been invited to lecture about ZUET at Harvard (4/10/2008) and at MIT (4/11/2008).  Since then, I feel now more comfortable making this information available to the world.  Furthermore, it is my conviction that it is imperative I do so.

ZUET has been copyrighted in the US Library of Congress on 3/31/08

Lecturing at Harvard Lecturing at MIT

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